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Why rush Alpha Phi Omega?

The fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega turns individuals seeking to make their mark on the Washington, D.C. area into a community of leaders and friends generating permanent change all across the planet. Brothers of Theta Chi are among the most successful students on the George Washington University campus. If you're looking to truly find meaning throughout your college experience, Alpha Phi Omega is the organization for you.


Who can join Alpha Phi Omega?

Any undergraduate, graduate, law, or medical student at the George Washington University can rush APO. The Theta Chi Chapter is an inclusive group, open to all who wish to serve their community regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, or sexuality.


What are the requirements for rushing?

All prospective members seeking to rush APO must attend: (1) service event,  (1) recruitment event of their choice, and an interview. In addition, prospective members must submit a short paper application during the rush period. More information about recruitment requirements will be explained at each information session. At the conclusion of rush, the brothers of Theta Chi will extend bids to the next pledge class.

I want to rush, but I cannot come to all of the events. What should I do?

Fortunately, you only need to attend the events listed in the requirements, not all of the events on the calendar! If you're still interested, but are aware in advance that you cannot fulfill all of the requirements, please email our Vice President of Membership at

Does Alpha Phi Omega haze?

Absolutely not. The George Washington University, Alpha Phi Omega nationally, and our Chapter of Theta Chi have expressive policies against hazing in all forms. Rush and the pledge program will allow you to demonstrate your interest in service, but in no way will demean you as an individual or require you to perform personal service for the brothers. 


What does "fraternity" mean? Does that mean APO is only open to men?

Alpha Phi Omega is a gender-inclusive fraternity. It originally started as a male-only organization, but membership was opened to female members in 1976. In 2014, the Theta Chi Chapter voted to be gender-inclusive, giving full opportunity for any student, no matter their gender identification, to be welcomed into our service organization.


How is APO different from a social Greek fraternity or sorority?

APO is a fraternity in that we are a Greek letter organization, yet we are not a social fraternity. We are a national organization with rituals, tradition, and a camaraderie and bonding among our members. Service, however, is always our primary focus. We are not associated with the Inter-fraternity Council or the Panhellenic Association, but we are a member of the Alternative Greek Council. At our core is the belief that everybody can be great because everybody can serve.


I'm already in a social Greek organization, can I still rush APO?

Yes! Alpha Phi Omega is not under the traditional Greek council, so our members can be a part of both social Greek and APO. Many of our members are also sisters and brothers in other Greek life organizations on campus.


All further questions can be emailed to our President, or any member of the Executive Board.


What does it mean to be a "pledge" of APO?

Your first semester in APO will be full of opportunities to learn about the organization and find your place here. You will be educated on our past and present, nationally and locally. While forming life-long friends with your pledge class and the rest of the brotherhood, you will aid in pledge leadership and complete service hours with all of Theta Chi. A Big Brother will be paired with you to answer any and all of your questions and help you throughout the process. The pledge program lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. This is your chance to demonstrate your desire and dedication to the brotherhood. You are initiated as an active brother at the conclusion of the pledge period.

What are the requirements of pledging?

All pledges of Theta Chi must:

  1. Complete 18 service hours.

  2. Attend 5 fellowship events.

  3. Attend all pledge meetings (twice per week) and ceremonies (three per semester).

  4. Perform at least an 85% or higher on all pledge quizzes.

  5. Interview two-thirds of the brotherhood.

If this sounds like a lot, don't worry! Your Pledge Educator, your Big, and the entire brotherhood will be there to support you throughout the entire process. Pledges must complete these requirements during the 6 to 8 week pledge program to be initiated into the brotherhood.

What are the financial commitments of the pledge program?

Unlike traditional fraternities, APO has a significantly smaller charge for membership dues. It is typically $60 per semester. Dues are the main source of income that provide the national fraternity and local chapters with an operating budget that fund publications, conventions, administrative functions, chapter banquets, pledge manuals, pins and ornaments, and most importantly funding for a majority of the service projects that chapters run. If financial obligations ever prevent you from becoming a member or retaining your membership in APO, we will work with you as best we can.


What kind of service does Theta Chi do?

The brothers of Theta Chi brothers perform over 6,000 hours of community service each year. We do service of all types, working with many issues in our Washington, D.C. community. Some organizations that we work with are served by Theta Chi brothers multiple times per week. Much of our service is brother-led, which means that brothers who are passionate about an organization or issue help to facilitate events for the rest of the brotherhood. 


We take service project, organization, and event suggestions all the time! If you have an idea please email our Vice President of Service. Some examples of organizations we serve with are below:


Hunger and Homelessness: Charlie's Place, Capitol Area Food Bank

Environment: GroW Garden, Dumbarton Oaks, Casey Trees

Children and Education: Little Friends for Peace, Keen DC

Animal Welfare: The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation


Elderly: Grocery Service for St. Mary's Court


These are only a few examples. Feel free to browse our Calendar to look at other past service projects and events! In addition, each semester Theta Chi goes on a service trip. Past locations have included Baltimore, Philadelphia and Richmond.


What does a typical fellowship event look like in Theta Chi?

Fellowships are never "typical" because every week brings new and different ones! Much like our service projects, a majority of our fellowship events are organized and facilitated by brothers. Any brother who is passionate about forming stronger friendships with other Theta Chi brothers is able to plan their own activity or field trip and execute it with the assistance of our Vice President of Fellowship. Sometimes the events are to support brothers in other organizations at performances or fundraisers. Feel free to browse our Calendar to see past fellowship events! Some examples of fellowships are below:


Field Trips: Apple Picking , Hiking

Off-Campus Events: High Heel Drag Race in Dupont Circle, Zoolights, Monster Jam

Food: Pasta Dinners, Grilled Cheese Making

Music and Movies: Acapella Concerts, Documentary Film Screenings, Rocky Horror Picture Show

Crafts: Pumpkin Decorating, Holiday Party, Painting

Exercise and Outdoors: SoulCycle, Ice Skating in Georgetown


What types of leadership positions does Theta Chi offer?

Each year, there are about a dozen elected officers that represent the entire brotherhood. Supporting the Executive Board there are chair positions that further serve the community and the fraternity. Additionally, our organization allows all brothers to become service site leaders, to be a part of a committee, and to make additional commitments, such as becoming a weekend service trip coordinator.

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