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Fall 2023

Why join Alpha Phi Omega?
The fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega turns individuals seeking to make their mark on the Washington, D.C. area into a community of leaders and friends generating permanent change all across the planet. Brothers of Theta Chi are among the coolest and most successful students on the George Washington University campus. If you're looking to truly find meaning throughout your college experience, Alpha Phi Omega is the organization for you.
Who can join Alpha Phi Omega?
Any undergraduate, graduate, law, or medical student at the George Washington University can rush APO. The Theta Chi Chapter is an inclusive group, open to all who wish to serve their community regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, or sexuality.
What are the requirements?
All prospective members seeking to join APO must attend: (1) service event, (1) fellowship event, (1) additional event of their choice, and an interview, in addition to a short paper application during the recruitment period. More information about recruitment requirements will be explained at each Information Session. At the conclusion of recruitment, the brothers of Theta Chi will extend bids to select the next pledge class.

Recruitment Week ALPHA PHI OMEGA.png

I want to join, but I cannot come to all of the events. What should I do?
Fortunately, you only need to attend the events listed in the requirements, not all of the events on the calendar! If you're still interested, but are aware in advance that you cannot fulfill all of the requirements, please email our Vice President of Membership at

Have questions? Email our Vice President of Membership at

Does Alpha Phi Omega haze?

Absolutely not. The George Washington University, Alpha Phi Omega nationally, and our chapter of Theta Chi have expressive policies against hazing in all forms. Recruitment and the pledge program will allow you to demonstrate your interest in service, but in no way will demean you as an individual or require you to perform personal service for the brothers. 

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